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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


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Yes, yes, I know David. I can hear you say (well of course silly, I can't hear you literally though I can, in my imagination hear you tap, tap, tapping away on your little D&N keyboard. What's that? Oh yes, we've tried this before and it hasn't worked.

But so far as I know we've never tried doing a "workaround." Say, for instance (since these things download so dreadfully slow) you bookmark this link - then the next time 'Memsahib' yells up the garrot, "Mr. Duff !!! Down here this instant - it'll only take a moment !!! Click this link and allow it to download over the "moment" it takes you to finish the little thing 'Memsahib' has "asked" that you do. By the time you've finished, it'll be tomorrow and by then - hopefully - all will have downloaded which you can then watch without - again, hopefully all the "fits and starts" we've experienced in the past.

Still with me? Okey dokey, here's the link:

It's your own damn fault - you left this post up long enough for me to remember where I'd seen the argument presented elegantly refuting the "constituent parts of the mousetrap all must be in place."

JK, don't think I'm not grateful but I've been through all this years ago and none of the arguments attempting to refute irreducible complexity and the mouse trap metaphor has ever convinced me. Even if your mouse trap is of the crudest type imaginable you still need the main constituents and there must still be a period of time when the constituents are developing and yet they are of no advantage to the host. According to the neo-Darwinists nothing develops unless it is under the pressure of natural selection, so why would something develop that offers no benefit?

I do not believe in a God or an Intelligent Designer, but nor do I believe in Darwin. In fact Darwin didn't believe in Darwin for years until he read Malthus and his (now discredited) ideas on population growth leading to a fight for resources. Once Darwin saw that theory he thought he had had found the anvil upon which the hammer of natural selection and survival of the fittest could operate. He was wrong!

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