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Saturday, 26 March 2011


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A better discription of the incident. If his testimony gets SSG Gibbs, the primary culprit, convicted and the death penalty I'm OK with 24 years. What the story doesn't really spell out is that it took the SSG Gibbs some time and effort to break down unit disciplin enough to get to start this.

Also. One wonders about a press that much of which can't be bothered with highlighting a story in public domain until they get some graphic photo's

Did you see Alex Massie's recent remark?

"A Half-C*cked Operation in Pursuit of Half-Formed Goals. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

I find that you're using childishly prudish software, David. American I suppose.

I can't help you much with David's software limitations DM. Lemme see...

Had to click "Refresh" to make the link work.

The Belgrano, of course, wasn't stuffed full of civilians.

Quite right, Julia, but I think the point she is making is her distaste for the media's 'enjoyment' of killing which, of course, merely imitates our own.

"I find that you're using childishly prudish software". Sorry, DM, you'll have to explain that one.

Hank, I suspect that there is the makings of a very good play or film about that squad and the personalities in it.

It let through "Half-C*cked" but demurred at Massie's spelling of the word.

Oh, fuck off, DM - er, just testing, old chap!

Well, it didn't faint at that one, DM, so I think it must be your end. Obviously your keyboard was assembled by a 'WeeFree' spinster from Dundee!

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