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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


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A pedant writes

"A cracking post, marred only by the error in the last line of text. £62.4mil should read £62.4bil (as per the pic.)"

The Hari "error" though is a deliberate attempt to muddy the waters, as was the guest speaker on the Today programme (Zadie Smit). Relevant Cards marked.

Kind regards

PS Hope you haven't given up on BoardWalk, it's taken some time but the story lines are now coming together.

Hari reminds me of Private Pike. "Stupid boy!"

Ah, glad you spotted that deliberate mistake, Morris, I was testing you there!

(All spoken in the tones of Capt. Mainwaring of Dad's Army, as per DM's comment below.)

And, alas, no, I gave up on Boardwalk Empire.

Tim Worstall also has an interesting take on Hari:

Dom, thanks for that link and especially the comments thread which was very illuminating.

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