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Tuesday, 01 March 2011


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Whence came this ludicrous title "co-chair"? (The question is rhetorical because the answer is almost bound to be 'California'.)

I have never seen two people chair a meeting. In fact, I can't conceive of how it could be done. I'm pretty damn sure it couldn't be done effectively.

I think it might be an old Bill Clintonism arising from his habit of having his females assistants sit on his lap, hence the expression co-chair. Or, perhaps not!


It gets worse: where did the words "co-conspirator" and "pro-active" (as an antonym for "inactive") come from? Seems to me that, in the dark days when school-children were taught English grammar and vocabulary, "conspirator" and "active" were considered sufficient to bear the weight of their meanings without the invention of redundant words.

I don't know that Rahm is responsible for everything that now goes on in Chicago - but I do wonder. If you plan to visit David, get the phone number for Weird Chicago Tours I'm certain you'll find it, er, "interesting?"

JK, I was about to write 'only in Chicago' but actually that sort of tripe goes on everywhere, expecially in so-called places of higher learning!.

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