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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


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"The Paddies fought and suffered for centuries to rid themselves of the Brits": the conventional wisdom, to be sure, but substantially inaccurate.

A touch of hyperbole on my part, to be sure, DM, but over the years a vociferous and murderous minority did fight with the passive support of most of their countrymen.

On and off, David. Much of the 18th Century was quiet. Or consider Redmond's response in the Commons when the First World War was about to begin - see your pal Massie. And, of course, in the Second World War the IRA bombed Coventry before their ally Hitler did, even after indepenence.

The idea that it was a continuous history of basically the same idea is, I think, plain wrong. I believe I probably learned this from the writings of Roy Foster. Have you read any of his stuff?

Whether they actually all fought for centuries on end continuously, is hardly the point.

What is the point, is that they did finally get rid of one set of overlords, only to rush into the arms of another set who turn out to be in fact far worse - at least in economic terms.

As the Irish national anthem ought to say, but doesn't - "A Province Once Again..."

Exactly so, Peter!

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