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Sunday, 06 March 2011


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I reckon you are being seriously nasty to all normal 'retarded' people by placing them in the same line-up as trash like Cameron & company!

Quite right, Mike, and I apologise to those concerned but, alas, rage ruled the day.


Not only that India has a smsller surveillance aircraft for closer range work. They are selling some to Sechlies (sic) for any piracy work. Maybe the UK could buy some.

Now, Hank, I thought you were a proper Christian gentleman and yet here you are rubbing my nose in it! And apart from anything else, we haven't got any money.

It can't be good for Richard North to get that angry. He should try counting to 100, taking a deep breath and remembering it'll all be forgotten soon enough!

Yes, I worry for him some times!

I have a solution for your MoD David - one on which all you Brits can contribute to the surveillance deficiency.

Kites. Well, kites and those cellphones which have cameras. Maybe some duct-tape... you do have duct tape in the UK?

Tape a phone to a kite, place yourself backside toward Parliament and the wind should be sufficient to zip your kite into the stratosphere.

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