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Monday, 28 March 2011


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Have you ever thought about bog snorkelling?
This seems to be a fine English sport and would be right up your alley, what with all your swimming training lately.
You could wear your long johns.
I'd like to see that.

It is with deep regret, Andra, that I must confess to the shameful fact that "bog snorkelling" is an activity about which I have thought absolutely nothing. I know, I know, it says so much about me!

Party pooper!

You sound just like my wife!

Want to come to Bali next year? There is something afoot.
No men so far but we are not immune.
Sign up Duff or are you interested?
Will the mensahib let you leave the compound?
Interesting questions I think!!

Of course, the long johns are out... you will have to wear a sarong, de rigeur, old man.

Bali?! My dear, anywhere east of Cheam is simply too, too, ethnic, don't you know!

Talking of "too, too, ethnic" I saw a fascinating suggestion recently for O's efforts to hide his birth certificate. It was that it carried a racial classification (did Hawaiin birth certificates back then?) and that it embarrassingly classed him as "white". I'm not persuaded, but full marks for ingenuity, don't you think?

I would contribute to a conspiracy fund to ensure that one runs and runs!

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