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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


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I'm no anthropologist, sociologist, etc, etc, but I have spent some time in Japan and despite having no credentials whatsoever to back up what I say, er, type, I would have been quite surprised had any reports of looting, (I was about to type "mayhem" but thought the better of it - nature did after all provide that) anyway, had any looting occurred.

I quite admire the Japanese on that point. Had that occurred in Arkansas (which it will given we've the New Madrid faultzone) the greater cause of bodily injuries will be gunshot inflicted.

"gunshot inflicted"

Old habits die hard, JK, er, along with the victims!

I see you remembered the string - I was gonna tell you "breadcrumbs" but figured you'd already left. Then I was glad I hadn't because a friend once asked me (following a trip to an IKEA store) "What I don't get, is why they scatter all the breadcrumbs around!"

Summary of the day: 2x tedious journies there and back; 1x mortgage to fill the car; 2x hours wandering like lost souls in hell; 3x rows; 1x bookcase which I am supposed to assemble today, adn if my last experience of building a wardrobe is anything to go by, I shall undoubtedly build it up side down!

Stand by for the divorce!

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