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Friday, 18 March 2011


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Coal does cause deaths: so does every other form of energy use; non-use of energy would cause even more. Still, even though I'm firmly anti-anti-nuclear, I admit that my own instinct would have been to build coal-fired plant in Japan - earthquakes and tsunamis are less of a risk to them than to nukes, to natural gas plants and to hydro dams. Be that as it may, I suspect that Angela Merkel's response is an example of how not to do it.

One slight problem with how you're viewing Japan's ability to "create" it's own self-resourced energy needs. Japan has very few if any, of it's own naturally occurring resources - minerals, hydrocarbon-based deposits, specialty metals etc, etc.

One obsevation from just prior to Pearl Harbor (WWII) - "our" Roosevelt started buying up all of Japan's oil supplies. The only way out (to them) seemed to launch attacks which would disrupt Mr. R's plans. Just how much DM, coal was Japan producing from it's own lands prior to WWII? How much now?

Admittedly - History (in Japan especially) is replete with earthquakes and the Japanese created word "tsunami" - placing the cooling pumps below sea level was a damn fool design feature. It was not necessarily a damn fool idea to place the reactors themselves on the shore - cooling is water dependent.

For Japan to be "energy self-reliant" a nuclear component was a must. Unfortunately, rather than just go with uranium - some "smart-guy" decided to add some plutonium.

From what I remeber of the Chernobol incident, The design of that reactor would never have passed muster in the West. It would have failed in the first shocks. Most likly with less casuties than are being predicted in the MSN.

If it has not happened buy now with in a week of two 4every reactor will have it's emergency power system upgraded.

"Just how much DM, coal was Japan producing from it's own lands prior to WWII? How much now?" It doesn't matter - Britain doesn't produce enough coal for its own use, nor France, nor ....

Japan could import from Queensland for heaven's sake.

Well DM, that was the intent just prior to Pearl - Japan didn't have a UK. Queensland would've been a nifty acquisition - had the American carriers been anchored in port.

Well, despite the media producing litters of kittens every 24 hours the Japs appear to be coping with their nuclear alarums and their 30-40 year old power stations seem to have weathered the greatest test they could have endured. No doubt certain things went wrong, they always do, but they, and we, will learn. Meanwhile, the 'Kaiserin' pretends that windmills will power German industry and that the Russians will always sell their gas to their old 'friends', the Germans.

You doesn't need to acquire Queensland - just buy their bloody coal. For Japan to be "energy self-reliant" is just childish babble - since she can't be self-sufficient in food or transport fuel or a thousand other essentials.

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