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Sunday, 27 March 2011


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I agree with all you say - it was most excellent and had me gripped throughout. The writing and acting was immense. I loved the twists, turns and the way it gave us the killer then he wriggled out of it but then he was snared. Was little disappointed Theis shot him thought that maybe Pernille might have pleaded with him more as it meant losing him to prison. Thought political messgae at end was just superbly bittersweet. I want one of those Lund jumpers!

Glad you shared my enjoyment, Sam, but I disagree with you on Theis's sad ending. He was an archetypical, paternal character of Old Testament proportions. For him not to have shot the killer of his daughter would have been against character. It was a case of, to quote the famous expression, "sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do". As for Lund's jumpers, if you fit them as neatly and attractively as she does I'm sure they will look superb - er, you are a girl, aren't you, Sam?


I didn't realise that a third series of "Spiral" was on its way. This is really gritty stuff and involves despicable politicians and (except for one of the main protagonists) highly political and right-on turds on the judicial bench: par for the course in France and, sadly, much like the reality of the UK.

"Spiral"?! Dammit, have I missed a couple of corkers? It won't happen again now that I am fully house-trained to check the BBC4 listings regularly.

By the way, 'Bongers', did you enjoy the Danish thriller?

The Killing was worth the licence fee alone. Brilliant acting from everyone. Just shows what spending time on a good drama can do; the excellent plot was character led and not merely telling a story. Can't wait for the next series and I am left wondering if Sarah lund will still be investigating those unsolved murders against her bosse's wishes going into dark and creepy places whilst also trying to solve the 21 stab wound case as seen on the trailer. DON'T go alone Sarah!
Have missed 'Spiral' like David but will definately be watching it now. Signed up to the newsletter so that I won't miss anything.

i was a bit tired when i watched the last episode but i am totally confused about what happened in the flat. Are we supposed to know ??

"character led". Exactly right which is why I think the ending was so good with none of the writers/directors losing their nerves.

Sonj, there are so many unanswered questions but my mind begins to ache when I try and work out the answers! I leave that sort of thing to Sarah Lund!

"By the way, 'Bongers', did you enjoy the Danish thriller?"

I certainly did although it had its weaknesses; for instance knowing, because this was a whodunnit and 20 episodes long, that "obvious" villains identified in mid-series would be shown to be innocent (eg the Iranian(?) teacher). This was not The Wire or Mad Men which are highpoints of my 60+ years of staring at the box. Fair dos though, The Killing beat recent home grown stuff into a cocked hat.

Haven't seen 'Mad Men' and, of course, 'The Wire' stands supreme. Even so, can't wait for the next Danish series.

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