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Saturday, 26 March 2011


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If you can David, find out the sorts of "meds" Mead takes. When I see "our fine leaders" borrowing wads and wads of Chinese cash - and running the presses at the Fed til the presses' temperature approaches that of the Daiichi reactor masses in order to pay for new and newer versions of SSBNs and JSF F-35 fighter planes (the latter being decidedly inferior to the Banker's own J-20) I would certainly like some of whatever he's taking.

On the ligher side


More likly he is off his meds.


latter being decidedly inferior to the Banker's own J-20

Since both of them are hard to pass off as a tank I'm not quite up to date. Do you have link with comaritive stats for poor a treadhead,

I do visit your site Hank - but that is an appropriate link.

But Hank, Mead might be off the meds an actual MD prescribed - but he's definitely taking something if he's in anyway "optimistic."

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