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Sunday, 20 March 2011


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Yes. Yes, I know you've given me "the dickens" over my fairly recent - and [admittedly immoderate] pasting if links. But it's pretty well known, Call me Dave is an avid fan of D&N.

Thank you, JK, that's your ration for the month!

I've commented elsewhere that the solution to Gaddafi is the same as that which should have been used with Saddam. Rather than expending an enormous amount of money and killing a large number of civilians, why not just bump him off using either special services, Mossad or the offer of a substantial cash reward to his cronies for this service? No-one imagines that Libya or, previously and currently, Iraq are ever going to become Western-style (or any style) democracies. Accordingly, a dose of realpolitik might be administered by those who run the "free" world. Even nutters, or potential nutters, can learn that there may be limits to their lunacy: Gaddafi has never learned this - maybe his successor could.

I am not unsympathetic to your idea, Bongers, but on reflection I don't think I want to be led by politicians who plot murder. Today it might be Gaddafi and his ilk, but tomorrow ...? Also, of course, western politicians would face an immediate risk if word got out because the queue of Trot-lot glory-seekers waiting to carry out a 'citizen's arrest' would be longer than the one fo the Harrods sale!

"I don't think I want to be led by politicians who plot murder"

I take your point but we're not dealing with the domestic politics of a civilized country here: this is realpolitik: this is what occurs in the world: this is why we elect politicians to (occasionally) do or decide on our behalf that dirty work must occur. I'm not convinced that bumping off Gaddafi or Saddam could be classed as murder. Stalin - who knew something about murder - is quoted as saying that "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic." However, a single death which saves thousands - or millions - of innocent lives is not murder; it's a blessing.

As to your point about Trot-lot glory seekers: those politicians who are prepared to take real responsibility and make (and live with) difficult decisions are just the ones that could see off them and their whole nonsense constructs.

"This stand off', pull your punches, one hand behind your back, sort of warfare is stupid beyond belief."

But I thought only a couple of years ago you were an advocate of the "trash-and-dash" approach to warfare, in contrast to putting boots on the ground?

Son of Duff

Now look here, SoD, what happened to all that respect, not to say, fawning adulation, I taught you at my knee? Anyway, yes, I am in favour of 'trash 'n' dash', as opposed to 'conquer and rule', but I did not preclude the use of soldiers on the ground provided they were in and out quickly. God and/or Allah knows how long this Libyan fiasco is going to drag on but sooner or later it will dawn on our glorious leaders that either they must arm the rebels with the latest kit which they might well turn on us one of these days, or, they will have to send in our troops to finish the job.

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