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Friday, 18 March 2011


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"I can understand that the Mediterranean Europeans are worried about an influx of refugees but that, surely, is their problem not ours." Are you utterly naive, Duff? They'll flow to wherever available work, or handouts, or free housing, takes them.

Most of Lyia's oil is sold in Europe, but it is world wide market. . The contnental countries use the very large taxes on the oil to support there social spencing. It mignt not be the oil so much as the loss of tax revenue.

I understan the major foriegn interest in Libian oil is French. The intervention marines should be Troupes de la Marine, the USMC or Royal Marines.

David>International airpower will be enough to escalate the civil war in Libya, but not to win it

It's not that important.

The link

DM, the means to resist such an influx rests in our own hands at our own borders. The fact that our government fails to resist is another matter. My main point stands, and can be summed up in the question: why, for the first time in decades are the French so gung-ho?

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