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Sunday, 06 March 2011


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A milstone of sorts. Dr Barnard Nathanson died last week. He was one of the founders of NARAL but later saw the light.

One of his comments was that improved technology, especially ultasounds leave no scientic doubt. The child is a human being from conception.

It's quite possible to refrain from being anti-abortion while being quite firmly anti-Roe-Wade. That decision was a triumphalist display of the power of SCOTUS to elevate intellectually frivolous judicial whim over the US Constitution.

Hank, thank you, that is an amazing personal history and I may well post something about the man.

DM, I simply do not know enough concerning the legal arguments at the SCOTUS hearing, all I do know is that the result is calamitous.

I was about to comment on Nathanson, but I saw that Hank beat me to it. Here is another article on him:

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