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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


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Have Fun!

Fascinated to know what island you found "...South of Spain beginning with an M and ending in an A.."

49 years ago I was in Spain and visited Majorca which in those days was located West of the Spanish mainland.

Perhaps, as a result of the global effects of climate change Majorca has drifted to the South in the intervening half century since I was there.

Or perhaps the devious military tactician in you was trying to throw us off and you were in fact visiting Melilla which, although a part of Spain, is located on the North African coast, so I guess could be considered culturally an "island" in that it is surrounded by Morocco.

Do tell.

Come back, all is forgiven.
I'll even show you one of my Krugerrands.

"South of Spain beginning with an M and ending in an A.."

Madeira? But it's not south of all of Spain since it's north of the Canaries. Very mysterious.

Peter, greetings and good to hear from you again. All is now revealed. And you, too, DM, can now read the truth of it.

Andra, I'll be on the first 'plane over but remind me, where exactly is Australia? It, too, has to be south of somewhere!

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