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Monday, 16 May 2011


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Really, I do think you might have fitted in a word about Domineering Strauss-Can't and his antics in Noo Yawk. You could, for example, have referred to his delusion that he'd be treated like a Kennedy or a Clinton by Noo Yawk's finest.

"Domineering Strauss-Can't"? Are you sure you have the last part of his name spelt correctly, DM, I know these foreign names can be damned tricky to get right!

Interesting. I recently saw a production of Lear (and brilliant it was) in which ONE - and only one - of the daughters was played by a black actress.

She was excellent, as was almost everyone else involved, but we're well into suspension of disbelief territory here, are we not?

"suspension of disbelief" I like that!

The best 'coloured' Shakespeare I have seen was years ago at the Bristol Old Vic Studio when a totally mixed race company put on Julius Caesar. In addition, it was a small company and so everyone had to double or treble up on roles. Because they were all the colours of all the races it actually worked quite well and I simply forgot about it. However, having one, inappropriate black or brown face in a cast of whites playing Shakespeare is not so much a pebble in the shoe but a bloody big rock!

I saw a "Black Mikado" once; only Pooh-Bah (Michael Dennison) was white. It worked remarkably well.

I'm still trying to work out what a meme is.
Any hints?

I would hesitate to suggest to anyone that they read Richard Dawkins, especially the absolute tosh contained in his book The Selfish Gene but there-in, Andra, you will find the first mention of a 'meme' which in itself was simply a commonplace but which Dawkins, as usual, imbued with great significance. Or you can go here:

Thank you, Hank, for giving me such a stirring tale to start teh day - it makes yer proud to be British!

DM, I once saw Michael Dennison on stage and had I died before him he would have been the world's worst actor!

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