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Thursday, 05 May 2011


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A masterly summation of the current 'sitrep' in Washington.

Kind regards

In his campaign O said that he'd wind down the Iraq war but prosecute the Afghan war more vigorously, attacking Pakistan if needs be. (That's my memory of it; corrections accepted.)

He's done the third bit, attack Pakistan - with the complicity of importanant people there, no doubt, but he's done it.

As for all the lies that attended his officials' accounts of it - well, whaddya expect? About the intelligence, they have to lie - that's simple duty. About the raid, they lie by instinct, secure in the belief that their countrymen are largely gullible hicks. I wonder whether they are right?

"In his campaign O said that he'd wind down the Iraq war..."

Actually that bit was what we in the US would call "a done deal" (of course one would have to know the previous administration had negotiated what's called a "Status of Forces Agreement" with Iraq's Maliki headed government - made for a good stump speech I guess.

That "Status of Forces Agreement" freed up trigger-pullers for Afghanistan. Fortunately too, a new UAV was just coming on line - and arguably, only the Predator made it just the least littlest bit more convenient for "up-tempoed" attacks in Pakistan (not disregarding SOF mind).

As for "the early reports" reliability? The guys who actually would know weren't (and won't be) gonna talk - while those who knew the least had to say something/anthing.

Mr Duff, I have just finished reading a book about World War I in East Africa which I found fascinating and horrifying.
You may like it.
It's called "An Ice Cream War" by a man called William Boyd (NOT Hopalong Cassidy).
I have read a couple of his books and they are very good.

Mrs Clinton now says she has "no idea" when the photo of O's cabal was taken, and that her hand gesture "may have been" related to her allergies.

The Clinton instinct to lie has survived the ordeal, I see.

'“He was retreating,” a move that was regarded as resistance, a U.S. official briefed on the operation said.'

Is all this fandango expressly designed for my entertainment?

I don't understand this interest in BL's behavior at the compound. Was he retreating, was he unarmed, was his wife acting like a human shield? Who cares? He was a wanted combatant actively engaged in acts or war, who in fact started the war when he ordered the incineration of 3,000 or my countrymen. And we executed him. Was he supposed to be read his Miranda rights?

Relax and do what we do -- enjoy a Bin Laden: 2 shots and a splash of water.

Think I'll join you Dom.

David Morris, thank you, kind, sir!

DM, sometimes I worry about your galloping cynicism, it can't be good for an old gentlemen of your advanced years!

Dom and JK, I think I'll join you both.

Andra, thanks for the book tip - I have heard of Boyd but not read any of his books.

By the way, you may call me David - it will not require us to get engaged!

Ah, sorry sir. I was brought up to respect my elders.
As I am the junior type person here, however, it is perfectly in order for you to refer to me as Andra.

You will be pleased to know I have just checked my bush and it is galloping upwards at a rate of knots.

"to respect my elders". Oh cru-el, cru-el!

"I have just checked my bush". Just for a milisecond there I had to pause, as I frequently do with some of JK's more elliptical comments, and wonder exactly what you meant, but then the penny dropped! I am delighted. Remember, next weekend, if SoD shows me how to do it the internet will be flooded with photos of me in my sarong. The accessories are proving a problem, I mean, in this day and age where do you find a string vest?

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