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Wednesday, 04 May 2011


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Good article, David, and you are quite right with your last line .... we get the governments we deserve.

I also believe we get the governments we pay for and are prepared to pay for. When absolute idiots can demand and get multi-million dollar salaries and annual bonuses from not even huge multi-national companies, what are your chances of snagging a prime minister or any sort of politician with more than an average intelligence?

I also think most people enter public service with a vague idea of wanting to help their community, country, society, whatever. Then they pretty soon become disillusioned with the endless buck-passing, stupidity and bureauocracy they are confronted with on a daily basis and give the whole thing up as a hopeless task.

Then their only aim in life is to stay in the job and get
re-elected at the next go-around.

Never forget "Yes, Minister".... how true was that?

Very, very, true, alas!

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