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Sunday, 08 May 2011


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The idea that killing Bin Laden made no difference, is answered by Norm Geras:

I'll believe that Americans really disapprove of terrorism when they desist from singing the praises of John Brown.


I haavn't anyone sing about John Brown except as part of a Civil War retrospective in years Actually since I was a teenager. There is somtihg about "a molting in the grave" that goes well with teenage male adolesents. But no was endorcing his actions.

"In the demise of a reactionary murdering theocrat ..." says Geras: since he's agin capital punishment (I assume) the "murdering" is not relevant. So it seems to boil down to 'elderly Marxist approves of killing of reactionary theocrat', which is surely no surprise, is it?

Norm makes sense, I think.
Makes a nice change.

I've a feeling David, you ain't gonna be too interested in the link I'm about to post - not because it offers support to Mr. Judd's observations - rather the math.

And the fact is, the link itself offers the merest glimmer of explanation for the fragmentation of terrorist groups - rather you'd have to find some justification for Memsahib as to why you need the 61 minutes and 41 seconds to devote to listening to the complete podcast available at the end.

I have never been very convinced by the importance of particular individuals as role models for 'wannabe' terrorists. Yes, it has an effect but it never lasts. Bin Laden's was fading years ago. Oddly enough, I think Norm is wrong to think that his mythical stature has been diminished by his execution. Some reports indicate that amongst Pakistani opinion the thought of heavily armed Americans 'invading' their country for the sole purpose of 'murdering' a frail old man has re-enforced their anti-western feelings.

Obviously, from his second paragraph Norm has not been a student of the learned discussion conducted on another comment thread here at D&N on the subject of 'forgiveness'. I must take it that in Norm's Marxist view the brotherhood of mankind failed to include bin Laden!

Only just received your comment and link, JK, but I'm delighted to hear from you. There were some very alarming reports on the 'telly' the other night of the floods in Arkansas and I hope all is well with you and yours.

I live in the Ozarks David (I'm pretty sure my elevation is 794' above msl) so where my residence is - I'm good - unless I want to go to the liquor store, which...

Anyway to get to anyplace, I'd be forced to a lower elevation - and that wouldn't be good. There's an old Hillbilly sayin' "I'll be there if the creeks dont rise."

I'm staying put.

Very sensible and I'm sure you have a large stockpile to be getting by with!

Thanks. In hindsight, knowing how to link to satellites comes in handy where stockpiling copious quantities ahead of events can be assured.

For those unfamiliar (but interested) Arkansas is smack-dab in the middle of the so-called "Bible Belt" and features such statutory crap as 'Dry Counties' - for me to purchase beer, I must travel from my county, to Baxter County. 50 miles round-trip. The link explains (unusually brief for me David) why I'm not going.

Hmmmn! Tough country.


Sone one has a GREAT IDEA that must simply be imposed on every one. But he can’t do it by political means (most likely because it is totally wacky) so he has to go to the famous “other means”. since he does not have an army so he goes to terrorism. However terrorism is expensive. Much less expensive than a tank or fighter plane but compared to our incomes - expensive.

The real way to fight terrorism is not the poor schmucks who get sent to blow themselves up, thought they have to be stopped, but to find the financiers and organizers.

Mr. bin Ladin’s death certainly will speed up the demise of AQ.

But more importantly it will cause other potential organizers to ponder the possibility that the poor schmucks will not be the only ones killed. I think there is a certain benefit in helping discourage others from using terrorism to achieve there goals.

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