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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


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I love Lord Monckton. He makes more sense to me than all of the green doomsayers put together.
I don't care what his qualifications are or anything else. I understand and believe what he is saying and I'm sticking with that.
I thought these wind turbines were maybe the way to go a few years ago and then I found out how big they are and how noisy they are and how much they destroy everything around them and so I have had to give that thought up.
Maybe we should go back to using more hydro-electricity plants. They were popular in the 50's and 60's and still seem to be holding up well, at least in Australia.
I think, from what I have read, most of the new-age ideas are proving to just be stupid (like the Prius) and cost more in fuel than they could possibly save.
I am frugal with my water and power and that's why I can save up to buy the odd Krugerrand from time to time.
And you keep your paws off my gold bits you nasty old man!

I never touched your gold bits, honestly, I didn't, but I might have leered at them a little.

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