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Wednesday, 04 May 2011


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Ah you Brits.

Always done up with the most "proper" Damn the torpedoes - (lets's announce it before) Full Steam Ahead!!! Then again, I was wondering if you had any sort of fleet.

Dear Lord David, just where do you give your "Jellicoe Presentations?"

"...but the British press would be wiser to report such activities for their Navy after it happened, not before."

Thanks for the link, JK, it helped me clarify your (as always) mysterious and elliptical comment. Please do try short, sharp sentences, they're much easier for an old man to understand!

Anyway, to the subject matter, all I can say isthat the prospect of yet more futility piled on futility is hard to watch.

And, if possible, spare a tiny thought for me. I still have a couple of holes in my roof and 3 tarpaulins holding it all together after "my" cyclone in February.

At least it's stopped raining here but we had 8 metres of rain (that figure is correct) last year, which seems like enough to me.

I never stop thinking of you, Andra! But to be serious, here in the comfortable, stable south of England we do rather forget the ravages that nature can inflict.

By the way, how's the plant doing?

The bush is busy climbing up the side of the shed. Don't worry about the bush.
How's the sarong, that's the question!

The weekend after this I hoep to model it and finally still some beating hearts!

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