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Saturday, 11 June 2011


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Wouldn't these people (these "thinking" researchers) be better off doing something else, like painting the fence, or something?
And haven't you got something better to do, like mowing the church lawn, or something?

Oh sorry. I see you've already mowed the church lawn, I hadn't read that post yet.
Well, something constructive... why don't you paint the ceiling of the church, that sounds like a good thing to do?
Paint the roof.
Paint my roof.

Not wanting to "plagiarize" (at least directly, as some I know do) I was reading over on Mr. Haart's site the other day - anyway, I'm not too sure altruism is totally devoid of some evolutionary (tribal) foundation.

(Now don't spend too much time on the diagrams - don't want you getting a migraine, but...)

"also think it’s not a coincidence that, in these societies where fbd marriage exists, you also get these extremely paternalistic societies where women are shrouded in burkas or aren’t allowed to drive or whatever. also, the whole honor killing thing. like rs said here, the males in such societies become “super homies” with each other. exactly! why? ’cause they are really closely related genetically."

[I know - my month's total of links.]

Alas, JK, th eYouTube film would not run. As to teh problem of cousin marriage amongst Muslims, I blogged about it some time ago - please pay attention or you will be given 100 lines!

Andra, don't talk to me about painting anything - I'm still trying to sort the damage from my water leak - grrrrrh!

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