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Monday, 06 June 2011


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Quite an interesting 'chestal' area you have there - I'm jealous!

Well, at long last my dreams have been fulfilled... sort of.

The first one, the butch look, startled me and I thought I should worry about the state of British/Spanish relations if you were to spend too much time going around glaring at the locals like that.

The second shot, the insouciant, casual look is more to my liking. You are definitely heading towards the androgynous area, if not downright faggotism. Also a scary thought, come to think of it.
Maybe you should be careful about when and where you display this demeanour.

The bare-chested he-man photo by the pool is more like it. Pity you couldn't have sort of sucked your tummy in a bit and stood up straight. But at least your face is in shadow and I think that's probably a good thing.

Finally, the memsahib.... well, I'm not sure if she is really "yours" or you hired her for the photo-shoot. Either way, well done, Duff!

She certainly looks better in a sarong than you do.

All in all, I really do appreciate the effort you have gone to and the sarong beats the long-johns, no doubt about that.

It probably wasn't worth the wait though.

Honestly, there's no pleasing some women! Andra, I was sucking my tummy in!

'Xopher', your comment has me worried. If you are a lady does it mean that my boobs are bigger than yours? Anyway, welcome to D&N.

Thank god I roused myself out of my stupor to come here today. What a fantastic reward!

Duff, you couldn't look sexier. I will have to add you to my next string of hot men.

And the Mrs! Seriously, she is gorgeous. No wonder you protect her identity.

This is a beautiful testament to marriage, friendship, fashion, and silliness.

"silliness". Yes, as always you choose exactly the right word, Sis.

Anyway, I hope it cheered you for a brief moment.

I love a man in a sarong!

Ma'am, you are obviously a lady of taste and discernment!

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