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Saturday, 11 June 2011


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George Brown? You're regressing, sir!

We'll gladly send you our President - and to sweeten the pie - send our Secretary of State too.

(So long as you promise to keep Gordie and that other [apparently unrelated Brown] in the UK.)

Oh God, 'Riddler', and I hadn't even had a drink! Mind you, I had spent the entire morning cutting the churchyard grass which in my holiday absence had "grown as high as an elephant's eye" so I put it down to being 'tired and emotional'. Pity really because it has ruined my witty title of which I was quite proud.

No, no, JK, we have suffered enough!

"even I, at the time, had my suspicions from the way he looked and behaved in office"

So did I - and before that too. He just looked weird to me, which is hardly a reasoned political judgement, but it's amazing how often it works.

But, AK, the horrifying fact is that those around him and in day to day contact didn't seem to realise he was totally bonkers. How scary is that?

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