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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


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A friend convince me to watch it when she rented it. I ended up buying a DVD copy... I agree with your post: it is a great film. A must see one, if I can add.

Did you see that the bloody BBC decided not to carry on with the excellent Zen detective yarns because too many TV 'tecs are male?

'DQ', welcome to D&N. Yes, I can't get the characters out of my mind, and the ending leaves a worrying moral paradox hanging in the air. I think I will be watching it again sometime.

DM, bloody typical, although, whilst I enjoyed the Zen series I wouldn't rave about it.

The last episode was particularly good. I was lookig forward to the ext series.

DM, did you see Hank's note to you under "Order, Counter Order, Disorder", re, your missing 'n'?

Many thanks to hank.

"Go to CONTROL Panel
There is a Keyboard ICON. In some versions it may be burried under another ICON." Aye but I can find no use for it.

"Go to START / PROGRAMS / Accessoriies / Ease of Access / On screen key board." That's helpful albeit a bit clumsy.

"There is also buried several levels down a key board map that lets you remap the keyboard. I forget exactly where it is."
That must be what I want but I can't find it.

'E' for effort, DM!

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