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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


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Your cleverly diguised SEALs bark, "Paris."

Would that be 'Paris, Texas'? The cunning swine are capable of anything!

In which language do they converse, Angela and Nicolas?

Well DM, were I Nicolas, I'd ask Angela to speak in Michelese.

Course just from my limited experience watching Angela at work, my guess is, Nicolas would be making sounds like a poodle does lapping water from a dish.

Tricky one, that, DM, because both speak with forked tongue!

Serious question. He, I read, speaks no English. She grew up in E Germany so her principal foreign language is presumably Russian. I wonder what they speak to each other.


Sign language!

Those wagging fingers would tend to indicate sign language - by golly Andra, I think you've nailed it!

Or then again, he is saying,"You sit on this when I tell you, woman".
And she is saying, "No, I shove this up your nose, shorty".

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