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Monday, 15 August 2011


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This might interest you, Duffers.
"Otto Von Bismarck is one of the more arresting figures of the nineteenth century, who dominated continental politics and was a driving force behind German unification. Cambridge academic Jonathan Steinberg's fabulous Samuel Johnson Prize shortlisted biography offers a fresh perspective on the Iron Chancellor through the eyes of his secretaries, his old friends, his neighbours, his enemies and the press. “Steinberg has given us a major biography of the figure who placed his stamp onthose events. This is the best one-volume life of Bismarck in English, much superior to older works by Alan Palmer and Edward Crankshaw. It brings us close
to this galvanic, contradictory and ultimately self-destructive figure.”

The author is going to talk about the book at Topping's bookshop in Ely. I mention it to you because Topping's other branch is in Bath - within a reasonable distance for you? You might like to check whether he plans to talk there too.

Thanks, DM, I've been reading the reviews of that book which seems to summarise the pluses and minuses of Bismarck's career. I have Crankshaw's biography and given the teetering pile of waiting-to-be-read books I dare not buy another one. What a dreadful old Prussian bully he was, but what a genius in some respects.

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