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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


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It would be rather interesting to seee a criticism of the Second Law that had intellectual merit. I wouldn't mind if the author thought himself to be Napolean, or were a Nazi or even a Guardian-reader. As for the observatory job - I tend to the suspicion that cosmology is just astrology with a more sciencey vocabulary, so worrying about a chap's prejudices about biology would be as silly as worrying about his taste in ties.

I think anything that cast a merited doubt on the 2nd Law would be more than interesting. For example, it might mean that I could just stop 'injecting energy' into my garden and it would remain perfect all year! And my sock drawer would always be impeccably tidy!

Fat chance!

"...eyeballs to swivel in opposite directions simultaneously..."

Did he, by any chance, follow that by shouting "We are all guilty", as his audience scrambled desperately for the exits?

Ah, Andrew, you heard that one, too, did you?!

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