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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


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"Obviously you are better informed than me"

Ah, but it's what he does with the information and who has his ear and what they want him to do with it and how much information they let him have in the first place and the spin they put on it and the risks they don't tell him about and the rewards they exaggerate and all the stuff he can't possibly check himself because he never has the time.


I am not unsympathetic to the blizzard of information that is hurled at him but I am reminded of Churchill's memo to the First Sea Lord which went something like this: 'Pray, let me have your thoughts on the development of the Royal Navy over the next 10 years - on one side of A4 paper.'

Well, I don't think Churchill would have mentioned A4 paper. It would have been quarto or foolscap, possibly even octavo.
Yes, I know. Picky, picky, picky.
That's life!

I stand corrected, Miss, and I'll write my 100 lines out later - on a sheet of foolscap, naturally!

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