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Sunday, 14 August 2011


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Naw David. If the video'll load - then actually run - this is the reason why:

Way to go, JK!

I've just the one nagging feeling David. After winning in Ames... YDM is heading to a place called Waterloo!

Girly man? How rude.

Yes, I picked that up fromFox last night. Question: is she a Wellington or a Bonaparte?

And, Andra, don't blame me, blame the former governor of California for the phrase.

Well now DD, can't say whether she's a Wellington or a Bonaparte but I will say that I think I'm inclined toward changing my general opinion of her. I mean - this Michelle Bachmann lady has real talent. I know who I'd want to answer the phone should I place a 3AM call!

Wooo!!! JK - I looked at that and freaked out. First I did a stunned look, then a bit of a blush, then I started laughing, guffawing I think best describes it, when I realised what you had said.
Yes, an amazing woman. And there I had thought she was just another vacant, vapid, cloned robot. There is talent there, after all.
All these women (and I use the term loosely) remind me of that church-going female from Florida who was big in the orange juice ad. business in the 70's (I think) and then blew it (pun intended) by being nasty to gay people.
I cannot for the life of me remember the woman's name but I know you will.
I blame Mary Tyler Moore for starting the trend of Americans jamming 89 teeth into their mouths. It's too many. Stop doing it, Americans - please.

Well frankly I was amazed too Andra. I mean Mrs. Bachmann's got 23 kids (admittedly some number are adopted) but frankly I was more amazed with her mouth opened that wide - how the hell does she keep her eyes open? Nevermind the 23 kids and how much effort went into developing such talent?

I do hope the kids never felt abandoned or nothing.

Anita Bryant.

Anita Bryant. Yes indeedy.
Thanks JK
Miss Orange Blossom or somesuch.
Y'all can find 'em..

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