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Friday, 12 August 2011


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For your armchair, a new (to me at least) summer drink - Martini Royale. Take a wine glass, add ice cubes and a wedge of orange. Pour in some Martini Rosato (hard to find, but apparently available at the bigger Sainsbury's) and top up with a fizz of choice - soda water, Cava or Prosecco. Very summery and not only delicious to drink but rather beautiful to look at.

What a boon you are, DM! I shall look out for it but is it sweet or dry?

I think idleness has a bad press in the UK. Modern life seems to leave it off the schedule, yet how else are we supposed to relax, have a good free-floating think and dream up the next blog post?

Quite right, AK, I have been a lonely advocate of doing nothing since my army days when I can claim, with due modesty, to have raised skiving to an art form!

Not sweet as in sweet the way that children or Americans like things - slightly off-dry, I'd say. Not bitter but herby.

Dear one:
Is it a bit like Cinzano?
Is your memsahib's name Svetlana, per chance?
Just asking.

Andra, to which Svetlana are you referring?

Drier than Cinzano Bianco. I like Cinzano with tonic water and a slice of lemon - it does need the bitterness and sourness they bring. (I've probably told you that a consequence of limes being cheap at the mo' is that we've been using them in G&T - and they're a hit! Better than lemon. Clever girl, my beloved.)

P.S. Tonight, though, I'll be having a glass of Riesling. I'm determined to enjoy civilisation while it lingers on hereabouts.

P.P.S. We were at a Reception the other day and the shampoo was a Wolf Blass Pinot Noir fizz from South Australia. Bloody good it was, too. Just the thing for the Glenelg tram (if it still exists).

Dear one:
As a born and bred girl from Glenelg I can assure you that the Glenelg tram certainly does still exist.
It is, I believe, the only tram system still going in South Australia and is a wonderful thing.
This is bringing back so many terrific memories of Jetty Road and the tram trip into Victoria Square.
Glenelg was a great place to grow up in the 50's. Fabulous beach. I used to swim just about every day of the year.
I used to ride my bike up to Hamilton Winery's vineyards and lie around and eat grapes all summer.
Rode my bike all over Adelaide actually and nobody ever knew where I was from dawn to dusk. I shiver to think of letting a little girl do that nowadays. Kids can't go anywhere at all without an escort now. How sad that is.

I was thinking of Our Mama's hired help in RealEstalker - one of my favourite blogs.

Answering an inquiry Andra - I "think" I deduced your address from one of David's "funnies." To ensure safety, I Cc'd High Lord Duff onto it. Do hope I've the correct "Andra."

Well DD, looks like it went pretty much as I'd thought it would, "YDM" garnered just a bit over a quarter of the votes in Ames (that's Iowa, USA. Known for... for... well, it's a few states down in the order of US states beginning with the letter, "I").

Given Mrs. Bachmann hails from the place her 28 something % lead seems a tad low - borrowing a descriptor - a skinny 4,823 of the 16,892 cast. Ron Paul second, though he had to spend one helluva lot of time in Iowa learning where it is on the map, 4,671.

Romney, smooth as grease through a goose squeezed out the expected 3.4% with 567 - Texas Gub'ner Perry not even participating, beat the Mormon garnering 718.

I was thinking right up til Perry entered a challenger from the Democrats themselves would emerge. Perry's entry pretty much puts the kibosh on that. But the current Gub'ner of Texas (in all likelihood the eventual Republican nominee) has one teensy weensy problem. His predecessor, none other than Obama's predecessor.

Dig through your closets for your party hat and whistles David, you look to be about to celebrate another four years writing posts on whether in the meantime, Barack can figure an umbrella out.

Thanks for the update, JK, I have just arrived back from a night away and have not yet had a chance to catch up. There's a lot of blood to flow under the bridge yet and MDS has yet to show her all, er, in the nicest possible sense, you understand!

When our daughter was three she vanished on the beach at Glenelg. Bloody terrifying it was. Eventually we found her; she'd adopted another family and settled down for a nice chinwag and a bit of play.

Must be something about the Glenelg beach.
Your story has reminded me that I got lost on Glenelg beach when I was about 2 and I ended up in the police station and the nice policemen gave me an icecream.
I also once spent a happy afternoon on the beach with Peter Finch and his then wife and their small child.
Then there was the Beaumont children. Nasty business that.
I had some wonderful times at the sideshows that line the beach in the summer months and met some terrific travelling show people. Some of them remained my friends for many years and we kept in touch.
Ah, memories.

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