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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


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Well, it can't be too, er, long before Ann Coulter begins to notice some her new gay friends seem to be AWOL. I have to admit being puzzled at the contents of the Ann Coulter link awhile back wondering why (maybe how) Republican ladies seemed so popular with gay people.

Too, I was wondering about that clinic Mister Bachmann runs that's supposed to change 'em into non-girly men. Now I know, introduce 'em to the wife!

I can't think what you mean, JK!

She's the Deep Throat of Minnesota.

It occurs to me that the good people of America, after actually voting in a black man, which they don't seem to be so thrilled about now, might decide to make another major leap forward and give a woman the job.
OR: they may head in the complete other direction and stick with the stick-in-the-mud types, like Mitt Romney.
As you say, David, it's a long way off and many more foul deeds are to be done before the day of the hanging chad swings around again.

It would be good fun if the Repub candidate were a woman, because we could all enjoy the sight of the Sisterhood hating her and making mendacious excuses about why they were not supporting her.

How they would twist and turn!

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