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Wednesday, 03 August 2011


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Well, she did phrase it as a quote, so she could claim that "we" refers to the speakers she was quoting and not necessarily to herself.

But I imagine there's other evidence that puts her squarely in the Democrat's camp.

Yes, Corky, that was the immediate defence offered up but I think the film shows the truth of it.

Oh, I agree, I think her demeanor is telling. But that's because I'm already predisposed to see most MSM reporters as leftists.

But there's too much wiggle-room and plausible deniability for this to the smoking gun your article makes it out to be.

It's like Obama's haughty tone. We think it's as obvious as the nose on his face, but the left is completely blind to it.

I take your point, Corky, it's a matter of judgment - but I wouldn't trust a CBS news report further than I could piss into a gale!

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