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Sunday, 14 August 2011


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"All this piffle enshrines the official (and hopelessly wrong) view that crime is caused by circumstances and background, not by unleashed human evil."

Hitchens writes persuasively and this piece is a valiant attempt to diagnose, which is more than the politicians can manage. However, in spite of what he claims, crime is caused by circumstances, background and conceivably genes. There is no such thing as “unleashed human evil”. It is neither an entity nor a process nor a state of affairs. It fails as an explanation.

AK, instinctively I disagree with you and agree with Hitchens but you pose a profound and difficult philosophical question which I would like to brood upon and then I will post my thoughts on the subject - such as they may be!

"...I would like to brood upon and then I will post my thoughts on the subject..."

Here's just the least littlest help I might offer you David. Worthy of "brooding upon" for one of the characters in this Shakespearean drama is none other than the the winner of the 2008 Iowa Straw Poll.

JK: That news story is very, very scary.

I think this man should be put out of his "misery", it would appear to be a boon to everybody, including his family.

What is to be done about all the violence in the world is another story entirely. I have been saying for years that the younger generations are becoming so angry that I just cannot imagine what the world will be like in 20 years.

I guess we don't have to wait that long.

What is the answer? Obviously we can't lock everybody up. There aren't enough jail cells to hold them all and just look at the cost of keeping these creeps in jail. In Australia I think it is something like $ 100,000 a year.

Our judges let criminals out with a slap on the wrist even more than the rest of the world, apparently. Certainly it seems that way to us, the normal, working, law-abiding citizens of Australia.
No government seems to have any answers and I certainly don't.

If I wasn't an atheist I'd probably start praying.

As it is I think I'll open a bottle of chardonnay. In vino veritas, after all.

And another thing ..
I just found Wikipedia'd Cocklecarrot and can safely cry, Eureka!!
Beachcomber et al.
I vaguely remember Spike Milligan's TV show from many long eons ago and was either too busy running around and being a party girl or wasn't particularly impressed (and I have always been a great fan of Spike ... met him a couple of times and all).
However, I now see the error of my ways and shall endeavour to make restitution with haste.
I think a bit of Justice Cocklecarrot is just what I need. Maybe the rest of the world does too.
Couldn't hurt!

"In vino veritas" indeed Andra, no matter you and The High Lord Duff (thanks be to whatever, he finally posted something like that so I need not keep sharpening my stick) are confirmed atheists and me, a simple but extremely challenged agnostic, can all more or less agree on.

But Andra, since you're a relative newcomer to Dubious Duff (did David tell you, he doesn't deny his "probable" Oirish ancestry?) Anyway, the one orthodoxy we'll each be able to remain confident in is the High Lord Duff's insistence only the US' Democrats are enfeebled to the degree necessary to make what Arkies refer to as pure de 'ol dumbass reasonings. David you'll notice is a "Disciple - 'Dispipple?' (no time for the OED) - of FOX News" where, should you watch, is where former Gub'ner Huckabee of Arkansas now holds court.

"FOX News? Now where've I hear that?" I hear you implore Andra - well that'd be one of Australia's exports (which I can understand, but I wish you'd sent him to Antarctica) anyway, we Arkies first had to rid ourselves of Clinton. [Even Arkies underestimate the general ineptitude of Americans, thinking we'd rid ourselves of both, Bill became US President - through no fault of our's - then Bill's wife Hill became Obama's Secretary of State. Again no fault of our's.]

In the interval, High Lord Duff went not only to Rupe's FOX but also to the US' Republicans as a general rule. I can understand MDS she at least was "Miss Alaska" in the "Miss America Contest" during which she competed in the swimwear competition. But Mike Huckabee? Anyway, both Mike and Sarah now get a paystub from Rupe.

Can't see US Presidential aspirations in either - well maybe the first syllable as concerns Sarah but that goes away quick as Mike is mentioned. Actually - though at the time you sent David the sarong I didn't know such existed - but now I'm pretty certain Lord Duff is a foxisexual - if you wish to know what I mean Andra, type Glen Beck into D&N's search function and click.

Foxisexual. Far out! I'm still working of Cockiecackle or whatever it is.
I take umbrage about young Rupert. He doesn't belong to us any more and is absolutely your responsibility.
His mother remains Australian and, at the age of 105, or thereabouts, is really and truly a national treasure. We even damed her back in the days when we did such things. She donates away millions of dollars to charity, mostly, I imagine, to help atone for her husband and son, who had and have many sins to atone for. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch is much beloved, sort of like the old Queen Mum was in the UK, only with better dental care.
We do, I believe, get Fox News on cable t.v. here but I'm not that silly.
There is quite enough crap on free to air t.v. I ain't paying for the privilege. I know about books and how to read them!
Now, to the delightful Sarah Palin... I understand she graduated from university/college with a journalist degree. She also owns many guns and I have heard her speak. Nuff said?

Yes Andra, Sarah fratuated University - it took several as I understand but she eventually got her papers from the Univerity of Idaho.

I'm uncertain how to pronounce that by syllable but here's a clip - Memsahib! Shield David's Eyes! else he'll be no good at the next traffic stop-light:

Actually though Andra - it wasn't a proper "journalism degree" rather a "commnications degree" perfect I'm certain for joint discussions with the America's version of England's current crop of politicians. I'm "fairly reliably" informed, to pass a communications final exam, one must be able to convey something coherently with half a kidney pie not smudging one's lipstick.

My Alaskan friends inform me Sarah owns an impressive assortment of moose-guns and hobbies about with snowbowling, sword-swallowing and keeping an eye out for the Russians who're 1900 miles west of her bedroom window. If she's not expert herself at any of those things, she at least has a good Spec-Savers Shop nearby.

Candidly I've never heard of a Dame Elisabeth Murdoch but I've this instinctual thing whispering in my ear if she ever visits Arkansas I'd best dress in my best pair of Levis, wear and button my shirt then go and thank her profusely for giving birth to someone who addles David to my sheerest delight.

If I've pissed you off concerning the "Young Rupert" - I sincerely apologize - I didn't realize there was one. Yet I suppose there must've been... pity Dame Elizabeth didn't do a more thorough job of hiring nannies to shelter him from exposure to the future High Lord Duff!

I had no idea island to island contact could be so contagious.

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