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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


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No please - pretty please - let me be the first to throw a match on the pyre to burn this witch. This woman - hypocrisy on stilts - has done more damage to this country than I care to contemplate. She wasn't alone in her destruction of the state educational system: jointly responsible was that sh*t, Tony Crosland, whose skeleton should be dug up and hanged from a gibbet in Parliament Square (as was Oliver Cromwell who was many things but not, I think, a hypocrite). Williams' spineless (and costless, to her) liberalism is ridiculed in this by Christopher Hitchens.

Thanks, Bongers, if only Any Questions was as lively as that each time I might watch it more often.

Good post - I've loathed that woman for decades. Face to face she may well be quite charming as these people often are, but political poison just the same.

I have to disagree with Umbongo though. Tony Crosland wasn't a sh*t, he was a SHIT.

To me this looks like the face of a compassionate woman who has all the sorrows of the world on her shoulders and finds it rather overwhelming.
However, I have never seen or heard of her before so I will defer to my learned gentlemen friends.
Waka good, Umbongo!

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