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Saturday, 27 August 2011


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I agree - but we'll have to wait and see.

Uh, David? The fellow is a civilian. Being a civilian he's only eligible for a Presidential Freedom Award.

Since that has to be awarded by a sitting President, I wonder - how long are you gonna be holding your breath?

Take that as a "No longer'n a chigger's leg" shall I?

I'm reminded of that overused scene from the movies, in which several attempts to restart a patient's heart have failed. The intense protagonist of the story refuses to give up, demanding yet another try with the defibrillator. Eventually, someone has to take his arm and say "She's dead, Barry. Let her go."

Corky, that's a corker!

JK, dare I ask what a "chigger" is?

Mr Duff, really? You don't know what a chigger is.
Read your Gerald Durrell. Read about African nasties.

But I do read about 'African nasties', they usually wear ridiculous uniforms smothered in braid with more medals than a Russian Field Marshal! However, provoked by you, Andra, I turned to my trusty OED which tells me exactly what a nasty little brute a 'chigger' is.

No dear Andra, the chiggers of Arkansas are different from the chiggroes (that incidentally is how George Carlin admonished us un-pc Arkies to pronounce during his one trip to Arkansas) anyway, the chiggroes of Africa.

Here's a primer (sorry, no pictures).

Ah, JK, thanks for that chigger or chiggro update.
After I posted that little gem I got to wondering if the Durrell book I was referring to was about Africa or South America and that maybe your chiggers might not the same as anybody else's chiggers.
Either way I'm fairly glad we don't have any here, we have our quota of nasties already. Possibly part of somebody else's quota as well.
I can consider trading your chiggroes for a bushel of say, small cassowaries or maybe some irukandji jellyfish. A goanna could be handy in your neck of the woods.
This deal is available for the next 24 hours only.
Ask any car salesman for advice if required.

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