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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


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"The European summit gave the EFSF powers to act as it sees fit so German politicians will have to face their electorate and explain why 'foreigners' are ransacking the Treasury without a 'guten Tag' or a 'danke'! Apparently, the Bavarians - splendid sausage-eating, beer-swilling types like us Brits - are in a fearful strop about the whole thing. ...If they jib at the post all is lost."

Easy enough to rectify High Lord Duff - and JK bears no blame, er, well except maybe for sending that photo - send a photographer bearing a corn-dog to Angela. If she's as capable as Michelle - all should be set aright.

(Just keep any photo of Angela with a corn-dog safely away from Guido!)

I absolutely refuse to even consider Frau Merkel's sexlife but I would to know just when you think too much decolletage is enough, especially for a little Cherman hausfrau?

And before I've even had my first cup of Earl Grey. You should be ashamed!

And I blame you, JK.

Don't encourage him.

Well, to tell the truth, Andra, I was rather startled by that photo. I never realised the normally somewhat frumpy lady was quite so well-endowed. Mind you, you ladies are dead crafty with these clever new bra designs that seem to make much of little!

Don't allow David to hornswaggle you Andra. It's pretty obvious to me the Editor-in-Chief sent the D&N photographer to the gala equipped with a ladder.

If the Bundestag votes down the legislation and thwarts the Franco-German political class's 1500 year old ambition to achieve a European empire, it will be the first time in a millennium and a half that the German people have had a constitution and "Kultur" able to achieve it themselves i.e. without external military force being required.

The financial apocalypse that will sooner or later follow such a refusal by the Bundestag to fiscally and governmentally integrate with the PIGS will be no price to pay for ending the Euro-empire project's 1500 years of destructive repeat performances.

What odds?

No, I know, dream on. But if they do, it will be a different Europe thereafter. Trusting Germany ceases to be an impossibility. Euro-empire: 500(-ish) to 2011, RIP? The wailing and gnashing of Carolingian class teeth will be a delight. We might even let the Jerries have their Panzer Divisions, Fallschirmjager Corps and Luftwaffe back - and off the leash too. Knowing they'd be on the borders of Europe heading outwards, rather than imposing fiscal and governmental union on the inside, turns fear into security. Would have been mighty handy in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.. And if that nasty Mr Putin bares his waxed and muscly chest at us, well, what about Moscow? Maybe third time lucky, eh? ...

Red-letter day indeed.


Ever hopeful, SoD, that's what I like about you!

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