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Thursday, 11 August 2011


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The fault lies less with Beveridge, more with Attlee. That's why Mrs T used to carry a copy of Bev's report around in her handbag so that she could show people what the old boy had actually said.

Doncha miss her?

Having paid the most diligent attention to your every word, High Lord Duff - I have to ask: how's your Happiness Index these days?

Incidentally, here in Arkansas we've discovered it's far more effective to flog prior to hanging.

My God, DM, then it really must have hurt if she sloshed you with her handbag. As for missing her, "Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive"!

JK, I haven't had a reading on my Happiness Index since 'that woman' left the stage

JK: Arkansas eh? Is this Okie country? Grapes of Wrath stuff?
Do you have a still in the back yard?
I am fascinated and need to know more about you.
Please tell all.... OK. not all, but some.

No Andra. Oklahoma is west of me. But my neigbors each have stills. I brew beer. Well - probably not the kind of beer you're likely familiar with. Mine usually comes out around 80 proof (that'd be 40% alcohol in your neck of the woods). The stuff outta the stills runs clear as can be - until it hits the bloodstream.

Lemme have a few minutes, I'll round up a link or two.

This is from the county in which I reside:

Then, Arkansas in general:

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