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Tuesday, 09 August 2011


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What are their names?

Well then. In your absence I'll take the liberty of using D&N to try to get a message to your lesbian straightener!

JK - I just read that article.
This woman is an idiot.
Who is she?

Well Andra, all you need do is wait for David to post his reply. Notice he'll go all drooley and his mis-spellings rate increases.

These are the days David will offer the Memsahib some paltrey sum to go off to IKEA - whenever he posts on (as he refers to 'em) MDA, MDS, and most recently, MDM. That'd be Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and most recently added to his schoolboy crush-list, Michelle Bachmann.

Usually David'll type something like, "I want her to have my babies!" Forgetting he's neither in Utah and for that matter, not even Morman!

You know Andra? Somehow I've come to think David's posting he has visitors might well be a ruse.

No time just now but tomorrow I will study your comments and links in detail and you can both expect either detention or lines!

Maybe teacher is playing truant to go for a bit of "retail therapy", as I believe it is now called.


I've come across references to MDS and MDM, but MDA? Really? The best thing you can say about her is that when she stands next to someone else, the "someone else" looks better.

To wit ...

Probably something along the lines of PMS for old geezers.

All I can say Andra - Look at david's sidebar!.

He's given higher marks to Ann Coulter than Sister Wolf. Sister Wolf at least allows his comment posts to stand unmoderated Hell she even gave him her highest blog-honor for the sarong you sent him - well admittedly he didn't earn, Cunt of the Week [but she usually reserves that for Sarah Palin - out of I think - spiteful jealousy].

Then again, Ann Coulter forces (so far as I know) only David Duff to pay a fee to have his comments appear on her comment train - not even Sister Wolf enforces that kind of censorship!

But. Sister Wolf is kinder than a normal woman could ever be expected to be. She listed David's sarong pic even higher than she gave his long-johns rating. (Persoanally, it has always been my opinion she - Sister Wolf - slid a few sterlings or maybe a few pence into David's underdrawers just cause she's supposedly a famous Califonia 'fashionista blogger' - but it's hard to prove that kind of stuff on the Internets.

(Personally my belief is, if the Cameroun government fails to prove it's not in actual cahooots with 'Rupe & Co.' that'll be all the proof I'll need to establish a tie with Ann Coulter, David, and Sister Wolf.)

- Personally, I never thought I could possibly establish an evidentiary tie-in until I saw the Michelle Bachmann cover on the US news-magazine Newsweek. -

That's what tied it together to my satisfaction. After all three of the four miscreants are on D&Ns sidebar. Sister Wolf is a long-time occupant, Ann Coulter turns out to be publically aligning with the Gays, both David and sister Wolf time their posts to coincide with Sarah Palin and anything "Moose" and now Michelle achmann has gone all crazy-eyed!

Obviously it's a conspiracy between Sister Wolf and D&N.

Personally - my opinion is that now since Ann's gone lesbian, Michelle's gone crazy-eyed then Sister Wolf gives top billing to David on her fashionista page, it can be nothing less than Sister Wolf and David Duff are in a conspiracy to steal the American election!

Andra! See what you can do on your end. It appears the Chinese are blocking my calls to Queen Elizabeth!

Now I'm certain.

I've never before been able to talk in italicized. Well - I can go for about thirty minutes but then I need another viagra!

God. I feel like I'm fifteen again... except ... except...

Somebody call a doctor! No dammit, it's not my vision. Well, I don't know, I can hear you... Heck I dunno, I've never spoke in exlamations for this long.

I don't give a damn what Barack say's - lemme talk to Michelle!

No. No. Tell Boehner it's David Duff calling from England.

What the hell is going on here? Break it up!

Well you do notice David - when you're absent you're reader stats go up.

Now, I'm just hoping when I click "post" do the 'letter thingy' I'll find Arkansas' medical professionals actually know what they're talking about when they insist they can cure italicized typing.

Incidentally, some guy named Boner keeps tweeting Sean Hannity his "caucus" needs some relief since the Congressional Page program is ending soon. I dunno how or why, something about sarongs - difficult to tell since "tweets" are character limited. Ann Coulter is telling Boner she knows somebody in the UK:

Trying to turn off italics, since Duff is too lazy to read his own blog. Did this do it?

I'm back! And you lot will all stay in after school for rioting in my absence.

JK, I think you have been reading too much James Joyce and your 'stream of un-consciousness' is getting the better of you.

Andra, who is PMS? And have I been introduced to her?

Lawrence, the link failed but I picked up on the story and duly vomited!

Dom, your skill in fixing galloping italics far exceeds your taste in beautiful, intelligent, blonde ladies of wit and insight but, hey, that leaves all the more for me!

Sister Wolf, as always you have interjected the only sensible comment in this sorry comments thread.

Now, you will all write out 100 times "I must remember to switch off italics after I have finished with them" - JK, you will write it out 200 times!

Stand by for a post or three - coming up!

I personally think we have a better little literary soiree here without David Duff.
Hands up all those in favour of deleting the Duff?

√ Andra!

Mutiny, by God! I'll have you all flogged before the mast.

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