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Saturday, 13 August 2011


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I've a suggestion for "your Dave" David. Should, er, kill two birds with one stone - only figuratively of course.

Tell Dave to send a message to however the fellow's name is spelled - yes the one down in Libya - tell him England (yes, I read on Drudge yesterday I shouldn't say "UK" 'cause it'd offend the peaceful Oirish) anyway, offer the Libyan guy whatever stands in for the English title of an Arkansas County Sheriff.

Just please - ensure Dave doesn't gum it up and ask for an actual Arkansas Sheriff - things are pretty peaceful 'round here.

"Machiavelli taught his 'Prince' that the most important thing for a leader was to be feared."

He was right too - most of all a leader needs to be feared by the nomenklatura.

Why is it that the three most important groups needed to ensure a peaceful and successful society, i.e. Teachers, medical practioners and Police, are the least well-treated and paid by countries?
Politicians and bureaucrats look after themselves very nicely but these poor sods have to fight for every cent they get and learn to do more with less and less every year.
Something wrong here folks.

"offend the peaceful Oirish" JK, I've never met a peaceful Paddy in my life!

AK, just back from anight away and I hope to have more to say on that later on.

Andra, all three are grossly overpaid in this country, er, in my opinion, that is.

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