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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


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Good post - I've been interested in Svensmark's theory for years.

The sun was always likely to be a factor in climate change, as were clouds and ocean heat circulation. We could be having an effect ourselves and CO2 could be a minor factor, but because CO2 has been promoted for political reasons, other more likely factors haven't received the funding they should have.

What tends to be forgotten is that colder climate would be far more damaging than a warmer one. We should prepare for it, but not with more windmills.

I cannot add a single word to your comment, AK, it says it all!

It's been a lovely summer for me - lots of brightness, pretty dry and only one hot, humid day. Gorgeous!

Down here, April was amazing - not one single April shower! But thereafter it has been only so-so with the occasional sunny day - but no real warmth. Global warming!!! what prats they are!

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