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Sunday, 28 August 2011


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Being the charitable fellow you evidently are David - how's about some public service types on your blogroll? Remember this one?

I know, you're non-theistic but D&N has always had it's well-deserved reputation for servicing.

JK, my "reputation for servicing" is spoken of in hushed whispers!

I couldn't make sense of this post until I remembered I have AdBlock running on my browser. Anyway, I paused it, saw the ad and gave it a few hefty clicks. Does that make a difference, a really purposeful click?

No, no, no, AK, you mustn't click for no reason! Apparently I am sworn not to induce others to click, and thus bump my stats, so to speak, unless they have a genuine reason for seeking the services provided. Er, which particular service were you after . . .?

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