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Friday, 19 August 2011


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I've a strong suspicion David, you'd do well to click off every answer related to Stalin's Tractor Stats.

Hell, if you check off every provided answer you may find an "Honorable Degree" from Eton - or whatever's the equivalent of Harvard - and finally find yourself in a place a few days ago I'd ne'er thought you would be.

Just think David... this time next week, you'll be enjoying a threesome with Nicolas and Angela. Just please, please don't post any photographs.

Still... would I purchase a second hand car from you? (and do give give some leniency here).

Not bloody likely!

"Not bloody likely!"

You're a shrewd judge, JK!

I would say the English Education department has finally woken up to themselves and made your little gem of a publication (is that the right term?) a compulsory subject in a desperate, last ditch effort to assist your young rabble, er, students, in preparing for a successful life of breeding indiscriminately, dole collecting, rioting and general mayhem.

About time too!

It's happened again. Someone spent nearly three hours reading, or clicking through, every post since last April. Perhaps I've become a cult figure!

Wouldn't surprise me, I'll bet your sarong photos have gone viral.

I hadn't thought of that but I have been receiving a certain number of, er, lady's undergarments in the post recently. Devilish tricky explaining it to the 'Memsahib'!


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