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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


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The photo of the trip has been censored. I saw it elsewhere earlier and the knife in the scumbag's right hand was quite clear. Well done, Sky.

Do you know, I may have made a mistake - hard to believe, but there it is. If I had sharper eyes it's possible that there would be a knife to be seen in his hand.

Pheeew, thank goodness for that, DM, I was begining to think that with your reputation for infallibility I might end up worshiping you!

Actually, in the original copy Lawrence sent to me the photos were much larger and clearer - so you are excused the usual hundred lines!

Just heard on the radio that the gentleman doing the tripping is now concerned that he'll lose his disability benefits.

He's an ex Russian policeman.

Hello, Ben. I suppose being an Ex-Russian policeman must count as a disability in itself!

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