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Monday, 15 August 2011


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We were in a supermarket car park this morning and suddenly realised that it was like being in Oz or NZ: beautifully cloudless sky and a low density of people. Ain't it lovely when the masses go on holiday?

Yes, if only they would stay there! One of the joys of my particular part of our 'septic Isle' is that the holiday maker/tourists rush through it in order to reach Devon and Cornwall!

Chin up!

Thank you, DM, feelin' better already!

Oh dear DM, thanks so much for that.
Made my morning too.
Like big bands? If you can be in Cairns by Thursday night the Cairns After Hours Big Band is appearing at our local Jazz Club. If you can't get here in time for that one they will also be appearing on Saturday afternoon, 27th. at Novotel Resort, Palm Cove, just north of Cairns.
This band consists of 27 YOUNG people, most of them music teachers in the local schools and they swing!!
I think it is the biggest jazz band in Queensland.
Possibly you can find something of their on Youtube....I dunno.
And thanks again for Mr Jelly Roll today.

I've not been in Cairns since '88, Andra, and am now on the other side of the world. Still, Cairns in the dry is pretty nice, eh?

DM: Cairns is pretty near perfect right now.
Nights around 20 c. and days around 28 c.
No humidity, blue skies and we are going into a month of Festivals as of tomorrow.
Lots and lots of music, food, drinks, parades, etc.
Something for everybody here.

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