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Thursday, 15 September 2011


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David, this is a terrible story and a tragedy for all concerned.
However, I do think you are being rather harsh in your total condemnation of this female person.
Personally, I could not, for one moment, have ever, ever considered giving my one and only child away or harming him in any way. Giving birth was the most remarkable experience of my life and I am still stunned and amazed at what I managed single-handedly (well, OK - but nearly). That overwhelming love I felt for that little human being in that second of delivery still exists 42 years later.
A year to so later my husband revealed that he had decided he didn't like children and, to make a long story short, I had to make a decision to keep the husband or the son and the kid won, hands down. No contest.
So, let's say my maternal instincts are fairly keen, I think.
But still, I can understand that, at a time like this, when the hormones are working overtime, it's possible that life can seem fairly hopeless to a girl in a situation like this.
Obviously this girl felt totally alone and absolutely bereft. And so, let's say she snapped and "solved her problem."
You cannot possibly judge this girl - it is something that has never and could never happen to you.
Sometimes a little bit of compassion doesn't hurt. This, to me, is one of those times.

Andra, your theory to the effect that this woman (not girl) "snapped" under pressure is hardly supported by the fact that after the event she threw the baby away, then she lied to the police, and then she tried to frame an innocent man. And, please, don't try that 'oh, you're a man you can't possibly understand' line. Are you seriously suggesting that fundamental laws of morality are somehow suspended when it comes to women and babies?

My dear friend David, we will differ on yet another subject.
On the very limited knowledge I have of this case, I don't think the sentence is excessive.
Now, if I were to shoot you, presuming that a mutual friend loaned me a gun, that is, and I claimed dimished responsibility on the grounds that you had been leading me to believe for 6 years or so that you would leave your memsahib and make an honest woman of me and our 6 children, what, do we think, my chances of getting off would be?
If convicted, what do you think my sentence would be?
Would I be justified in bumping you off?
Could I convince a jury of my victimhood?
Could I afford a damned good defence solicitor?
I think I could probably say yes to all of the above.
Watch yourself Mr Duff.
I may well be a woman scorned!!

If you were to shoot me, darling Andra, it would be no less than a crime against humanity! Just think of all those poor people who wouldn't know what to think if I wasn't around to tell them!

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