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Friday, 23 September 2011


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He should move to Canada - remember Lord Tweedsmuir: "You have to know a Canadian awfully well before you discover his surname."

David, on an unrelated subject but one I thought you would find of interest.
I have just watered my bush and it is looking just great, simply thriving in the sun. Flourishing really.
I'll see if I can get a good photo of it to send to you.
You will just love it!

Andra, well done, obviously it has been in receipt of plenty of TLC.

Canada had a lucky escape, DM, I nearly moved there once.

Well I (more or less) lived in Denver, CO in the early 80s and I never met a Coloradan with a good word to say about a Texan.

This past year, I bought a GPS, a camera, several books, and a Kindle. I search around for the cheapest price, and in every case I ended up at Amazon. I'm amazed by how cheap the items are, and how quickly they arrive. It's like there is only one store in the world.

I had NO IDEA working conditions were that bad. Thanks for posting the article.

Yes, Dom, it gave me a pang of conscience, too, but I don't think their warehouses here operate on quite the workshop basis they seem to do 'over there'.

Well, Bongers, down 'ere in Somerzet we do be none to keen on there they Dorsetians!

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