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Sunday, 18 September 2011


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I'm no footie expert, but even I knew £50 million was way too much. I shall make a point of watching the highlights tonight because it is as you say, quite delicious.

Enjoy, as our American cousins are wont to say!

To tell the truth, here in Spain we were as much surprised when Liverpool took him from Atlético de Madrid paying quite a lot of money too.
Torres was considered a good player in a medium level club, but not as good as that. In the spanish team, wich, ejem, is not doing that bad lately, he plays because there is no one else, Spain rarely has ever had any good scorer, and not all the time.
Maybe Benitez knew what to do with him. Maybe Liverpool played in a counter-pounch style that fit him better than the way Chelsea does.
Anyway, hard to feel sorry for any of them, all that money for playing or, in many cases, just pretending to.
About Roman, I totally disagree with you. He is a very nice guy, elegant, good taste, handsome and of course, very, very clever. As a matter of fact, I think I love him, and I'm ready to give him my bank account in case he feels the same way and needs to reciprocate me with some spare change.

Just a minute, Ortega, I'm first in the queue! In fact, I offered to give him shaving lessons so that he doesn't always look like he's just got out of bed and I feel sure he will respond with his usual generosity.

Being serious for a moment, Torres has shown some flashes of brilliance and to be honest I never like to see a superb athlete struggling with the after effects of injury. His first goal yesterday was excellent.

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