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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


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This is what Huhne said this afternoon (courtesy of the Telegraph).

"Whatever we think of the Conservative campaign in the alternative vote referendum, and I for one thought that the vilification of Nick was appalling, for Liberal Democrats compromise is not and cannot be a dirty word."

Absolutely priceless from a man who has been consistently briefing against Clegg for years. Anyone remember the "calamity" jibe?

As I said somewhere else, he makes Balls look respectable!

Huhne apart, and isn't he just? I've had the frozen shoulder twice now - both sides, a few years apart. As my insurance wouldn't cover the "recommended procedure", I tried acupuncture for the 1st time. It worked. Just sayin'. Keep up the good work.

Stan, thanks, I appreciate the idea and I might give it a go. Without wishing to be a bore on the subject, the bloody thing seems to come and go which is irritating because I keep thinking I'm cured, then it gives me a 'stab' to remind me I'm not. Old age, heh!

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