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Thursday, 29 September 2011


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Wonderful stuff. I used to live near there, so am quietly envious! Another little-known fact about Chesil Beach is that the pebbles are graded in size from one end to the other. That's what the locals say, anyway. I've only ever visited the two ends as I could never muster the energy to walk the whole length, and I could never remember the size of the pebbles at the end I last visited....

Oh, and if you have read the McEwan novel, you might need a moment's recollection so as not to disappoint Mrs. Duff the next time you celebrate your relationship...

We always tend to go to Burton Bradstock in the middle because of the excellent (but now rather expensive) Hive Cafe.

No, I haven't read McEwan's novel but Mrs Duff has reconciled herself to disappointment over the years!

I love the whole area - wish we lived nearer.

Should you ever be close (around Sherborne) whilst on a visit, AK, do drop me a line. Good cup of coffee here, or even a B&B if you need it!

That's very kind of you DD. I'll drop you a line if we're in the area. Drop me a line too if you're ever near the Derby end of Derbyshire, although we can't compete with Chesil Beach.

Well, when next you're in North Queensland I'll take you on the coastal drive from Cairns to Port Douglas.
This is one of the great trips of the world.
Divine scenery and miles and miles of pristine beaches, off-shore islands, white sand, coconut trees and all.
It will actually be the right place to wear your sarong, but the socks and sandals will have to go.
We just don't allow that here. The wallabies will laugh at you.

Everybody laughs at me, so no change there!

Oh come on. You know you don't know what a wallaby is.
Or have you found out in the last 10 minutes?

Isn't that the name of your ruling political party run by that dreadful-sounding woman?

No, that's the Drongos.

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